I read once… to be careful with speaking negatively about yourself

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    I read once… to be careful with speaking negatively about yourself or your life, even as a joke because your spirit doesn’t know the difference.

    I have a really bad habit of making constant jokes at my own expense. I comment and laugh about my looks, how I dress, my writing, how I speak, and even my book.
    I’ve been future-self journaling with The Holistic Psycholgist for about 5 months now and what I’m discovering is that I don’t do this because I genuinely think any of it’s that funny.
    I do it because my head tells me that’s already what everyone in the room is thinking.
    I do it because I have convinced myself I don’t belong, I don’t fit in or measure up.

    I use it as a net of protection to just throw it all out there so that you know, I already know that I’m less than and I’m fine with it.

    Every morning I journal about behaviors or patterns that I want to change. I write affirmations and traits that my future self will have when she’s released the weight of these behaviors; how I will feel and what I will experience when I am able to live  my life as her.

    I notice I’m beginning to respond differently when someone gives me a compliment or when I’m in a room of people I admire.
    I am starting to feel like I do belong anywhere I want to be.

    Not because I’m inherently fabulous but because I work just as hard as anyone else at making my visions a reality.

    I don’t post a lot of suggestions on here about how to heal your lives because A) I’m not a therapist and B) I think healing is a deeply personal journey.
    But I will say this… future-self journaling is repetitious and challenges the ego like a mofo… but if you stay faithful to the process, it’s actually truly life changing!

    I love you guys! ?