Alcohol made me feel the way I should’ve felt without it.

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    I was 12 when I found alcohol. I was obsessed from my first drink. Because alcohol made me feel like I should’ve felt without it.

    The shame that had consumed me ever since I could remember… was gone.
    The noise in my head… silenced.
    All my “not good enoughs” and “not worth enoughs”… disappeared.
    I stopped feeling too ugly and too damaged to speak to people.
    I laughed. I danced. I felt peace.

    But then I stopped feeling like myself entirely!

    I don’t buy into the bullshit that alcohol brings out our true selves. Alcohol may have saved me from things I never should’ve been feeling in the first place.

    But there was a huge price to pay.

    I became someone I didn’t even recognize. I forgot who I was. I did things I would never have done and turned into a person you would not want to know.

    Recovery is the only thing I’ve ever found that allows me to be who I truly am! Ive has to face a lot of pain to get here. But there hasn’t been a single price I’ve had to pay!
    It’s a freedom that has cost me nothing! ?

    If you’re struggling today, hang on; hang on, because alcohol will take you away from who you really are.
    I love you!?